ctrmc-site-iconOUR MISSION

We are a non-partisan, community-based group promoting sensible regulation and taxation of medical cannabis in collaboration with the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), local government, law enforcement, local business, citizens and the patients of Nevada County.


We work with our local community to educate and advocate for a responsible, well regulated, and taxed medical cannabis economy to achieve the following benefits:

  • To capitalize on the new state law maximizing the economic benefits of the local economy including: well paying jobs, local circulation of money, and increased revenue for public services.
  • To support the clear delineation of lawful from unlawful operators, empowering law enforcement to be more accurate and effective in their efforts to reduce criminal behavior and enhance public safety.
  • To comply with best management practices as mandated by state and local regulatory agencies to monitor, protect and preserve the local environment and natural resources.
  • To promote a respectful and professional industry minimizing negative social impacts and providing positive contributions to the community.
  • To recognize the scientific research showing the proven medical benefits of cannabis, with the intent to make local access to medical cannabis safer and more affordable for patients in Nevada County.

These efforts will preserve and improve the health and quality of life that our community expects.